Black Insomnia zrnková káva 453g

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Black Insomnia Whole Coffee Beans 453g

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BLACK INSOMNIA is made with love. it’s made with passion. But it’s also made with loads of integrity and without any frills, nutropics or additives. Pure, undadulturated and insanely strong. Proven by independent labs, Black Insomnia Coffee is The World's Strongest Coffee with a minimum of 1105mg of Caffeine per 12fl.Oz Cup.

Blend: 80% Robusta 20% Arabica

Black Insomnia coffee has been prepared by experts in Bamberg, Germany, where they have been working with coffee since 1932. Their knowledge and carefully selected blend of high-quality Arabica and Robusta made it the way it should be. Roasted according to ancient Italian tradition, slowly and honestly in small portions in the drum furnace, it delivers a subtle yet distinctive aroma. Robust taste, velvety body and creamy top without any unpleasant bitterness or acidity. Hazelnut aroma and caramel sweetness with dark chocolate finish.

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