Upton Cheyney omáčka pečený česnek a zázvorová chilli omáčka 150ml

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upton Garlic ginger
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Upton Cheyney omáčka pečený česnek a zázvor 150ml

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This sauce is absolutely mind bogglingly delicious! The Roast Garlic and Ginger has been available at various events over the years as one-off official festival sauces and as such you may remember it as the sauce of choice by both Bristol Zoo where it was named Wow Gorilla! and also at the first ever Great Dorset Chilli Festival where it sold out in no time! The sauce is sweet and sticky and oozes flavour from the roasted garlic, ginger and mighty fiery Dorset Naga chillies.

Heat level 3/10

Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Water, 14% Roast Garlic, 2% Ginger, 2% Dorset Naga Chilli


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